The State Theater

The revival of the theater in the heart of the  community

    Downtown south-Bend , In March 2014

Ignite SOuth Bend.

Jam Fest

La Republic

Vintage First Fridays

South - Bend  , Indiana

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The biggest event of the night was at the State Theater. Organizers attempted to recreate the historic 1940 photo from the world premiere of Knute Rockne:

La Republica started in 2010 with five members, including brothers Daniel Moya and Juan Moya, Colombia-born students at Notre Dame and Goshen College, respectively

Make sure to attend the 420 Jam Fest April 19th, 2014 at the State Theater to enjoy great music and also say goodbye to Old Man Winter for at least a couple seasons.

Ignite Michiana created a buzz in March when it drew 400 people to The State theater for the old movie house’s first major event under new ownership.

Private event hosted by Banko capital llc.

It’s a Bazaar time ! Shop for unique items from a special showcase of local vendors. will be on hand to help liven things up a bit.

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